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Copy Editing Geekery

Copy Editing Geekery

"Through language we transform reality. We dictate what is real." Radical copyediting is how we change the world.

Laura Camacho
Laura Camacho

I am absolutely delighted to have found The Radical Copyeditor! Everyone who has anything to do with copywriting and copy editing right now needs to stop and read this stuff.

From the about page:

The concept of radical copyediting is based on the fact that language is not neutral. Through language we communicate values, norms, and ideals. Words matter: they can be used to harm or to heal; to perpetuate prejudice or imagine a different world; to oppress or to liberate.

Copyeditors help authors and publishers make sure that the material they put into the world is clear, consistent, and understandable, by way of following grammar rules, dictionaries, style manuals, and other tools. A radical copyeditor does all that and also helps authors and publishers align their words with their values of inclusion, equity, and nonviolence, bringing forward a particular awareness and sensitivity to how norms around race, class, ability, gender, sexuality, age, and other elements show up in our language.

Radical copyediting helps language live up to its most radical potential—serving the ends of access, inclusion, and liberation, rather than maintaining oppression and the status quo.

Alex, the Radical Copyeditor, has crafted an exhaustive (and still evolving) Style Guide for Writing about Transgender People. Required reading for anyone creating content in the 21st century.

This post on "Person-centered language" is so thoughtful and kind, too.