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#CoronaBrain is real

#CoronaBrain is real

Please hold, system recalibrating...

Laura Camacho
Laura Camacho

Just a friendly reminder that in times of great stress and upheaval, our brains helpfully turn off a lot of higher thought function and emotional regulation abilities so we can focus on survival.

So, go easy on yourself if you're not able to string two coherent sentences together.

Or if you need to take a nap and go to bed early every day. Or you keep finding yourself wandering from room to room, not remembering why you're there.

Try to be aware of your increased propensity to snap at your kids or partner or coworkers - and theirs toward you.

All your feelings are valid; weaponizing them is not.

Lower your expectations of your productivity. Triple check your emails and texts. Don't make any huge life-changing decisions right now if you can avoid it.

Love first, forgive often.