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What's all this then?

It is our new family site where we learn how to survive the "American Dream" sold to Gen-X families... and a lot of other unsuspecting people. Spoiler, it's hard! Let's find a way to succeed together. That's why exists.  

PAYWALL!!!??? HOW DARE YOU? Do you think I have gold blowing out of my bum?

There is no spoon. We mean Paywall. There is no Paywall. Really, there isn't a paywall. All content on is free! The one catch is that for some content, you must subscribe. See next question.  

Why is some content hidden or as you call it "Subscriber only?"

We don't know if you've noticed but there are assholes on the internet. There are also bots and scrappers, etc.... Putting up a free "subscribers" only-system helps deal with that just a little bit. It is far from a complete solution but it is way better than nothing.

But I don't want to subscribe! Can I still see everything?

Nope. We still appreciate you and we're glad you stopped by. You are welcome back anytime. We promise to protect your privacy like we do ours.

If I subscribe or, god-forbid, give you money, who gets my information?

Just us. One of the reasons we switched from Patreon to Ghost CMS is for your privacy. Our  membership system is as "in-house" as our small operation can make it. The only 3rd party that gets your information is Stripe, our payment processor.

What do you do with our information?

We use it to deliver any private content to you via this website or the monthly-ish newsletter. That's it.

Okay, so its all free but then you ask for money. What's your end goal here? Loads of riches?

We want to help each other survive the American Dream because it is not as dream-y as we were told., Glimmering LLC (the "parent company" behind everything we do), and all its related activities take a lot of time and money to run. Financial Supporters are helping us do that (and thank you)!

How do you make a living then?

Glad you asked! Laura is a content producer and Leslie is a Professional EOS Implementer®, and serves on business advisory boards for minority-owned business (especially those in creative services). This makes it sound like we are rich but in reality we are living off an SBA loan, credit cards, and some small consulting contracts while hustling to get our new ventures off the ground.

This is still an extremely privileged position we are in. We do our best to give our extra resources to people and organizations aligned with helping modern, progressive, underprivileged families succeed. We'll update this FAQ when that changes.

I want to comment on a post.

We don't have comments on our site. If you have a support question, an idea for a post, guide, or podcast episode, please email us at! We love hearing from people directly.

Are you a family of libt*rds trying to argue with everyone?  

We've told you once.